Maximizing Apartment and Small Home Spaces
Maximizing Apartment and Small Home Spaces

Tiny homes as a concept is now a bonafide social media sensation, and maximizing space in tight spaces is a hot new trend. For some people, it's a deliberate reaction to consumerism and fear that they're using up too many of the planet's resources. For others, it's a simple financial decision. Smaller is normally cheaper… for a certain definition of cheap, these days.

If you have a limited amount of space where you are currently living, every little decision you make regarding your belongings and layout matters. If you're looking to embrace a minimalist lifestyle, this blog will help you maximize your organization and style.

Get Ready to Clean House

Living in a small space isn't just a life choice - it's a commitment. And it's one that you are going to have to prepare for. One of the most important parts of this is getting ready to save every inch of space - small items can build up into a big problem. You'll want to take stock and really consider what is important to you - and what can be thrown out, donated, or gifted. This kind of "Marie Kondo" decluttering can be very good for your mental health as well. Consciously rejecting consumer buildup of stuff is one reason micro-homes and apartments are becoming so popular.

Make Everything Pull Double Duty

When your space is at a premium, you can't afford to be a specialist. Neither can your furniture and furnishings. Figuring out where you can double up your movables can be one of the most fun parts of designing for a small space. If you have a trunk that's good for storing stuff, why not turn it into a table as well? Drawers under the bed can turn where you sleep into a storage solution. Pull-out couches also can do wonders here as well.

Embrace Transformation

Speaking of folding beds, another trend you'll want to get into certainly has to be that of transformation and concealment. Just like a magician, you want a space where furnishings can appear and disappear as you need them to. Pull-down and pull-out beds are the best-known examples of this. But plenty of people are also making use of standing desks that can fold down from the wall as needed. Tables that can be extended as you need are also excellent ways to adjust your space on the fly.

Get Creative with Storage Solutions

Sometimes it just comes down to trying to find a place for all the little things in your life. You'll have to be ready to deploy shelves everywhere you can - as well as hooks, for getting into the game of hanging things on the walls. A bicycle might seem too bulky to fit anywhere, but why not try putting pegs to mount it right on the wall? You can also try to get more out of your existing spaces with small home safes. A mini-safe can easily squeeze into a bookshelf, or even onto a desk - secured both to the desk and the wall. If you want something more covert, a small home safe can even find a home in a laundry closet or a pantry! Another benefit of these mini safes is that they help not just with storage, but with the organization. In a small tiny home or small apartment, all your storage spaces are going to be filled to their maximum. This can make it easy to lose your most valuable items. Some strategically small home safes can help you get your organization under control - and keep your most valuable possessions as safe as can be.

Think Small With Mycube

Both of Mycube's Classic and Biocube models are offered in convenient mini sizes, coming in at just 35 pounds each, which get bolted in through our pre-drilled bolt holes and installation hardware kits. This makes them perfect for those who are tackling outfitting a smaller place - or just want their Myspace style in a more compact package. No matter the size of your space, Mycube has a stylish home safe that will fit in perfectly.