Keeping Jewelry Safe, in Your Safe, With Mycube
Keeping Jewelry Safe, in Your Safe, With Mycube

Keeping Jewelry Safe, in Your Safe, With MyCube

All too often, we tend to sleep on jewelry safety. It's easiest just to keep it laying out in your bedroom or vanity, right? However, keeping jewelry safe may be more important than you realize. Thankfully, securing your small jewelry is actually simpler than you may realize as well. In this piece, we'll detail how easy it is to keep your jewels, rings, gold, and silver out of harm's way. 

Keeping jewelry safe may be more important than you realize. In this piece, we detail just how easy it is to keep jewels, rings, gold, and silver out of harm's way.

Why Keep Jewelry In a Safe?

So why bother using jewelry safes? Most of the time it's purely for peace of mind. While jewelry left out might not always be stolen, there will always be that concern. A more common concern is, of course, misplacing or losing your jewelry. With a good jewelry safe, you'll never have to wonder where any particular piece of jewelry is at any moment. Every moment, you'll have total assurance your jewelry is exactly where you left it. 

Why To Avoid Safe Deposit Rentals

Many people decide to use jewelry safe boxes in banks as a way to keep their jewelry safe. However, this is a less than ideal solution, for a few reasons. Firstly is the inconvenience. A jewelry safe box like this won't be appropriate for someone who wants actual access to their jewelry. There's also the cost problem - over time, the rental fees on these kinds of boxes will really start to add up, eclipsing the cost of just buying your own safe. With a home safe from Mycube, you can get the same fire resistance you would with a bank jewelry safe box. Additionally, many banks shut down their safe deposit box programs without telling their customers, and because the items in the boxes are not insured, many misappropriation of items occurs resulting in significant financial loss.

Matching Your Safe to Your Jewelry

Another great part about getting a jewelry safe is the style. Not the style of your jewelry (though that's very stylish, we're sure!) but the style of your safe. No longer are safes ugly lockboxes - Mycube safes have sleek designs, in a variety of colors. You can even match the color of your safe to your favorite colors of gemstones! For example, take a look at this piece in Tiffany Blue. This elegant exterior makes Mycube excellent for jewelry safes in closets, or even displayed on a shelf. These safes are also excellent for displaying your jewelry, being a great example of a jewelry safe with drawers. The Firecube also offer one-hour of fire protection for your precious jewelry items.

Fireproof Options with MyCube 

We've touched on how Mycube offers fireproof options already. A house fire is unlikely, but if it does happen, the more of your valuables you have secured the better. In many cases, heirloom jewelry will be totally irreplaceable. Thankfully, a safe like our FireCube can withstand temperatures of up to 1200 degrees. With the FireSafe trays, you don't even need to compromise on convenience or style either. 

Get the Right Safe For Your Jewelry

Need a jewelry safe with drawers? Want options on jewelry safes for closets? Your jewelry collection is unique and worth protecting. And the best way to protect it is with a unique safe. Make sure to browse our shop to find the jewelry safe that's best for your space!