Intro to our Classic MyCube Safe and our Mini Safe
Intro to our Classic MyCube Safe and our Mini Safe

MyCube is a designer safe company with a line of high-gloss safes in a variety of sizes and colors - perfect for protecting your valuables in any room of the home. We offer three safe models and a line of accessories that you can choose from to organize your valued possessions, including our new Mini safe.

1. MyCube Classic
Our first line of safes is the MyCube Classic line featuring safes in six designer colors: White, Black, Silver, Orange, Pink, and Blue. This safe weighs 40 lbs. and has a removable shelf on the inside for placing trays or other items inside. The White, Black, and Silver safes have dimensions 11"H x 19.5"W x 13.5"D; and the Orange, Pink, and Blue safes have dimensions 11"H x 20.5"W x 14.5D (these three color safes also feature an internal power outlet for charging electronic devices.) The MyCube Classic is perfect if you want a little extra room to store items such as cameras, watches, jewelry, passports, and cash.

2. MyCube Mini
Our MyCube Mini safe line is 35 lbs. and is slightly smaller than our MyCube Classic line. With dimensions of 9"H x 16.5" W x 13.5"D, our mini safe comes in colors: White, Black, and Tiffany Blue. The MyCube Mini safe is perfect for pantries, guest rooms, and other smaller locations in the home.

3. MyCube Fire
Our MyCube Fire safe is a heavy duty 1-hour fire protection safe that comes in a black finish and weighs 75 lbs. This safe has four rubber feet on the bottom for easy placement on the surface of your choice, and it features a pullout drawer inside to store documents and other items.

All of our MyCube safes run on batteries and all feature digital push-button locks with LED screens for displaying codes and alerts about batteries and functionality.

Lastly, we feature a line of beautiful black velvet jewelry trays for organizing your jewelry inside our MyCube safes. With options of Single Space, 6V, and 7Mix configurations, our trays can handle any precious items you want to keep on a smooth surface inside your MyCube.