Keeping Your Closet Organized With Small Home Safes
Keeping Your Closet Organized With Small Home Safes

We understand. It can be hard to keep organized, especially while trying to juggle everything else in your life. This is only made worse by the fact that many of us are working at home, and have to navigate organizing both work and home spaces at the same time. If there is one space that is emblematic of disorganization, it has to be our closets. It's all too easy to simply toss something into a closet and assume that it will sort itself out and be findable at some point in the future. If we're not careful, our closets can become black holes into which clothes, shoes, and more valuable belongings can vanish without a trace. If this sounds like the situation you find yourself in, then this piece will hopefully have the helpful tips you need to beat the closet chaos.

Start from Scratch

Before we can get to organizing your closet, you're going to have to make some tough decisions. Take stock of everything in your closet - get it all out of there if you need to. After that, you'll have to decide what it is that you actually want to keep from there. This is a real ‘Marie Kondo' sort of moment. You need to decide what you actually need to keep, what can be put into storage, and what needs to be just tossed out. This cuts down on the total amount of stuff, and will make these next steps all the easier

Invest in Organizers

One reason that your closet might be such a mess is that you're not adequately making use of all of it. Sure, you might have some coat hangers, but you can do a lot better than that. For example, shoe racks let you neatly organize shoes or other objects off the ground, rather than having them all sit in a large pile.

Vertical hanging organizers are a great way to get the most out of the vertical space in your closet and maximize its usefulness. Thinking vertically really is the key to success here - any space you aren't using for storage is wasted space. If you get the chance, installing drawers and shelves is also a great idea, as they significantly increase your options for finding a home for smaller items in your safe.

Like With Like

Now your closest has been decluttered, plus you have way more places to put things. The third step is to start to repopulate the closest in a way that you can understand later on. This means putting similar things next to similar things. This could be vertically (putting shoes at the bottom, and different types of clothes in a hanging organizer going up) or horizontally (formal wear on coat hangers on one side, casual wear on hangers on the other). Try to avoid anything that will clutter up this system. This means keeping the bottom of the closest clear of bags or anything else obstructive, making it easy to see at a glance what needs to go where.

Get a Small Home Safe

If you keep any valuables in your closet, you won't want to take any risks with them. Installing a small home safe on a shelf in your closet is the perfect solution for jewelry organization and storage. You can keep them all next to your clothes for when you dress up, but don't have to worry about them getting lost or misplaced.

If you're looking for such a small home safe, make sure to check out our Mycube Mini, as well as our Biocube Mini. If you use drawers for storage in your closet, we even have the Biocube In-Drawer, a wonderfully convenient biometric safe.

Mycube products are great for organization beyond the safes themselves. There's also a variety of accessories available, including mix trays. These are a great way to further subdivide your valuables (like with like, remember?) and make using your closet a snap. With Mycube, your closest can stop being a black hole where things get lost, and start becoming a bastion of convenience and organization.