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Back to School Laptop Safe

We know that it’s back to school season and now is the perfect time to think about getting a MyCube laptop safe for a family member’s dorm room, apartment, or even teacher’s office. Over the years, we’ve worked with lots of students headed back to college who use MyCube safes to keep their valuables secure while they’re in class and away from their rooms. We offer a variety of laptop safes to keep students’ valuables secure and in the possession of their rightful owners.

The MyCube Classic available in six designer colors has a charging outlet inside of it so you can charge laptops, iPads, smartphones, and other electronic devices while you keep them locked up. The MyCube Mini safe is a compact safe weighing 35 lbs. that comes in three high-gloss colors and can fit comfortably on any shelf, floor, or desk. It can be used as a laptop safe to fit laptops in the range of 13-15”.

We feature bright, fun colors such as Orange, Blue, and even Pink which are fun for any room and can even match your school colors. With the prospects of theft on campus, and the need to have personal security in shared living spaces, MyCube is the perfect answer to protect your valuables knowing that if you leave your dorm room with valuables, they will be there when you return. Lock it up with MyCube!

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