Mycube History

Mycube exists as a new spin on an old idea - bringing organizational leadership and stylish design to the perennial desire to keep what is valuable to us safe. Mycube is a third-generation safe company whose family has been making safes in NYC for over a century. While Mycube may be blazing new trails in what a safe "should" be, the company can always rely on its heritage for inspiration. This piece will provide a brief history of Mycube, and explain how this background informs every choice we make - every day.


Like many of the best, most trusted companies we love, Mycube is a family affair. The founders of Mycube are the dynamic mother-son team of Lois Krasilovsky and Scott Annan, and their family connections run deep into the history of New York City safemaking, with roots dating back to 1904!

The family business got its start serving some of the world's finest jewelers. Lois' father, (Scott's grandfather), built the company known as Empire Safe during the 1950s. While Lois and Scott built Mycube separately to push into the future of safe ownership, Empire Safe remains an important piece of family history.. All members of the Mycube lineage have a desire to help people find peace of mind when it comes to their belongings. Mycube is the next generation of safekeeping with a century-old tradition.


If you're looking for the best in heavy-duty safes, you can't do much better than Empire Safe. However, there are some places that a giant steel safe just doesn't really fit in. Some of those places are college dorms or apartments.

It was while in college that Scott Annan noticed that a lot of his friends were losing items or having them stolen. Whether it was theft, disorganization, or just plain bad luck, misplacement was a constant headache. Given his family's safekeeping pedigree, it's no surprise that Scott's mind turned to the safe solution.

Teaming up with his mother, Lois Krasilovsky, Scott set out to get cracking on reinventing the concept of the home safe for the 21st century. At the same time, he wanted to make sure that he'd make the best home safes possible to honor the century of safe making that was his family's legacy and that he learned at his grandfather's knee.


Mycube stands among the best home safes for a simple reason. The designs are always incorporating the best in innovation, with a foundation of uncompromising security. Mycube adds amazing style and the latest technology to the age-old desire to always know exactly where your most precious belongings are.

That desire for security and organization has never changed. Mycube wants to push the boundaries of what a safe can do - and what a safe can look like. With biometric and wireless locking, Mycubes are among the best home safes when it comes to convenience. With beautiful cases in eye-catching colors you can fashion match your safe to any room in your home.

The legacy of a family is just as important as its future. You might want to keep heirloom jewelry that's decades-old (or older!) protected. You may want to make sure you know where your new passport is at all times, ready for that dream family vacation. Protecting and organizing what's valuable, new or old, is what Mycube is all about. And Mycube does this through a legacy of security, and a future of innovation and style.