A Brief History of Safes
A Brief History of Safes
Mycube History

Mycube is the proud continuation of a 100 year-long heritage in safemaking - our family legacy is the inspiration we tap into the make the best home safes possible. In celebration of this, we've prepared an informative overview of the history of safes, from the most basic jewelry safes to keypad safes and new biometric safes. The desire to protect our belongings is as old as humanity itself - only the methods have changed.

Early Safes

How old do you think the oldest safe is? From the 19th Century? The medieval era? Think a bit earlier - to the 13th Century BC, in fact! A wooden safe dating back that far was found in the tomb of the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II, featuring a locking system not unlike the pin tumbler locks you can see today.

Even if you weren't a pharaoh, people in the ancient world still needed to keep valuables like jewelry safe. Most people would have used something we would recognize more as a lockbox, with a key, rather than a safe. However, the Romans were the first to invite safes that would open by combination. We can consider these the first safes, and the techniques for making them would survive, with prototypes of safes being found in the Medieval Middle East and Renaissance Europe. As more and more people moved into or near cities, the need for better and better safes emerged.

A Solid Combination

Most of the safes discussed previously were missing the features we recognize today - they were mostly made out of wood, and their locks were still fairly rudimentary. However, it soon became clear that these early wooden safes weren't enough to deal with the modern (at that time) burglar, who would come armed with crowbars and even explosives.

In the 19th Century, metal safes with dial combination locks - the "classic" safes, started to appear, starting in England with manufacturers such as the Chubb family, who still make safes today. Over in America, meanwhile, safe makers were experimenting with making this new generation of home jewelry safes fireproof.

Modern Techniques

While safes have become stronger in make over the years, the most impressive advancements have been made in the locks. Combination safes would slowly transform into keypad safes over the course of the 20th century. These new keypad safes allowed for much more convenient input of numbers - and were immune to traditional safecracking measures.

However, safes in the 21st century have come even further than that. You can now get biometric home safes that read your fingerprints, or wireless safes that you unlock from your phone. These biometric home safes are a far cry from safes of antiquity - and will keep all your belongings safer than a pharaoh's tomb!

Check Out Our Modern Safes

From keypad safes to biometric home safes, Mycube is proud to always be at the cutting edge of safe technology. Since the very first safes were made, their makers have been dedicated to helping people keep valuables like jewelry safe and secure - and we aim to continue that tradition.