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Mycube recognizes that people own guns, and that to be a responsible gun owner, a gun safe or a rifle safe is a compulsory purchase in keeping your firearms locked up and you and your family safe. A home gun safe can be one of the most important security purchases you can make. If you don't protect your firearms, you're at risk of potentially endangering yourself and your family and having your firearms end up in the wrong hands.

However, purchasing a gun safe is only the first step when it comes to firearm safety. You also will need to take the time to decide where is best to put your gun safe. This will depend on a variety of factors, and, of course, on the gun safe itself. This guide will walk you through some of the most popular options for gun safe placement.


Many people want to keep their firearms out of their main living space. With that in mind, the garage becomes a natural place to put a home gun safe. The garage is particularly appropriate if you have a large gun safe and want to keep your firearms out of the house. However, putting a gun safe in the garage makes your firearms less accessible if you need to access them and keeps them further out of your purview. It's critical to keep your gun safe locked and bolted down.

A garage gun safe is best if you have a larger collection of longer guns, that simply won't fit elegantly anywhere in your house. Or if you just don't want your firearms in your home. The responsible thing to do is to always keep your firearms locked up.


Basement gun safes follow much of the same logic as garage gun safes. If you need somewhere to keep a large gun safe, but don't want it easily visible, the basement is a good place to store it. Unlike the garage, the basement also comes with a greater amount of security because it's in your home and you can better monitor it. Unfortunately, this also will make it more difficult for you to access when needed.

Like with a garage gun safe, a basement gun safe is ideal if you have a lot of larger guns that you need to keep protected. Even more so than a garage gun safe, a basement gun safe will keep your valuable firearms out of sight until you need them.


Many people prefer to keep their firearms close at hand, in their bedroom. This could be in order to keep children away from the gun safe, or so that their gun safe is nearby when they need it. The question then remains - where do you put your gun safe in your bedroom?

The under-the-bed gun safe is one way to try and keep a gun safe discrete. With this, your firearm is readily available when you need it, but is not immediately visible to an intruder entering the bedroom. However, this location may make the gun safe more prone to your child finding it which is a serious risk that needs to be considered.

An under-the-bed gun safe is ideal if you are keeping a handgun in your home, and want it not immediately apparent to anyone coming into your bedroom. At the same time, an under-the-bed gun safe allows you to keep a small handgun readily nearby if you need it.


For some, a gun safe under the bed is a little too inconvenient when it comes to quick retrieval of a firearm if needed. If you don't care about keeping your gun safe discrete you may want to look into a bedside gun safe. Most often, a bedside gun safe will take the form of a nightstand gun safe. This placement will mean that you can access your handgun even from the bed

A bedside gun safe is best for those who don't have children, as this is an incredibly obvious place. Even if you believe that the safe is secure, it still poses a risk. If you are getting a nightstand gun safe, it is worth it counteracting this obvious placement with the most advanced locking system. Looking into a biometric gun safe can be a worthwhile investment.


The classic “hidden” gun safe is the wall-mounted safe. By building a specific mounting within a wall, you can cover up the gun safe with a painting or other item. This kind of home gun safe can be among the most secretive and discreet if you can find a good hiding space. You can even put it in your bedroom if you want to keep it close at hand. However, this kind of safe will also involve a lot of installation work - you can't simply just mount it and be ready. You'll have to organize getting a safe-shaped hole in your wall.

This kind of safe is obviously best for storing a handgun secretively, as getting a gun safe in a wall big enough for rifles is not feasible.


Another option for a discreetly placed gun safe is the closet gun safe. Like the under the bed gun safe, the closet gun safe lets you keep a firearm within your bedroom, while not making it obvious that you have a gun safe. The benefit of a closet gun safe is the flexibility. A small gun safe can easily be placed on a closet shelf. If you get the right kind of safe, you can also have a closet gun safe fit neatly into a drawer. Those with larger closets could even possibly fit in a rifle safe.

A closet gun safe is a good idea if you want multiple layers of secrecy to your gun safe. You can easily tuck a closet gun safe away on a far back shelf, or in a drawer - or even put your wall gun safe in your closet.

If you're looking for a small closet gun safe, an in-drawer gun safe for a closet, or a larger garage safe or basement safe for long firearms, make sure to check out the options found in our shop. We have all kinds of safes and all kinds of locking mechanisms for whatever kind of home security you are looking for.