What Exactly is a Microsuede Safe Tray?
What Exactly is a Microsuede Safe Tray?
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What Exactly is a Microsuede Safe Tray?

At Mycube, we want our safes to look as stylish as possible, inside and out. It's for this reason that all of our safe trays are made from only the highest quality microsuede.

Some of you may be impressed by that. Some of you may not be. And many of you are probably asking "what is microsuede?" This probably isn't exactly a burning question for most of you. However, if you care about taking care of your valuables, it's certainly one you should be asking. And we're here to give an answer.

What is this Microsuede Stuff?

Long story short, microsuede is a type of microfiber.

"Microfiber" refers to an array of man made artificial fabrics, often made out of polyester or nylon. Microfibers were designed to be made out of extremely fine strands - hence the "micro" in the name. The strands that make up microfiber are so small as to be nearly invisible, giving most microfibers the consistency of smooth silk.

"Microsuede" in particular is a type of microfibre designed to mimic suede leather and is made specifically out of polyester microfibers. It's designed, as the name suggests, to mimic the appearance of suede.

For those who aren't leather connoisseurs, suede is a type of leather that is noted for its high quality and smooth appearance. You can think of it as leather for fancy people, and popular for use in fashion. Making only the most fashionable of safes, it was a perfect and natural fit for the Mycube line.

Benefits of Microsuede

We don't want to give you the impression that our safe trays are only made out of microsuede for the purpose of style - though style is always on our minds. There are plenty of other great reasons to use microsuede as a material. This is because microsuede is:

Durable: If you're putting things like jewelry in your safe, you want to make sure that the jewelry is well protected in the safe - and that the safe is protected by getting scratched up by sharp parts of the jewelry. Microsuede is durable and tear-resistant, meaning your safe will always look great, inside and out.

Stain Resistant: Being stained is just as bad as being torn up when it comes to making the inside of your safe look nice. Stain-resistant microsuede can ensure that you have a snazzy-looking interior, always.

Soft: Obviously, if you are putting your more precious belongings inside a safe, you don't want them to get scratched up. Microsuede is silky smooth, keeping your most delicate belongings perfectly protected.

Water Resistant: You don't want your belongings to get water damaged any more than you want them to get scratched. Thankfully, microsuede is a water-resistant material. Put a microsuede tray into one of our best fireproof home safes, and you're covered against the elements.

Our Microsuede Trays

All of the trays in our shop come with a microsuede finish, making them perfect for taking care of your valuables. They also come in a variety of configurations, meaning that organizing your belongings is just as easy as keeping them safe and secure. We even make a fire-safe tray for the Firecube, meaning that you can enjoy a microsuede finish in one of the best fireproof home safes out there. And these trays are all stackable, meaning you can fit up to four of them in a single Mycube product - letting you cover absolutely all of your valuables.