Home Organization

Think of the old-fashioned safe archetype - bulky, ugly, difficult to use. Probably in grey, black, or a shade of tan. At Mycube, we want you to own a safe that can seamlessly join your existing space as an aesthetic addition, not as an out-of-place eyesore.

It is with attention to detail in mind that we created our beautiful glossy colors and sleek design. This piece will explain what makes Mycube safes so attractive, and give pointers on how to incorporate them into whatever living space you choose.


From Andy Warhol to the Velvet Underground, New York has always had a reputation for being on the cutting edge of artistic expression. If the city can excel at the best in art and music, well, why not safe design?

To many, the idea of a stylish home safe is an oxymoron. A home safe is something clunky and greythat needs to be hidden in a closet or basement, right? At Mycube, we flat out refuse to accept that.

Plenty of the things you store in your safe are things that you want to have easy access to, such as jewelry for a night out, or documents for work. It's not very convenient to have your work laptop in a safe in the basement.

With that in mind, Mycube set out to make a stylish home safe that you could proudly put right in a home office, living room, or any other living space. We're very confident in saying that there's no other safe out there that any fashionable interior design magazine would say looks good besides the Mycube.

So where's the design difference in our stylish home safes? Take a moment and do an image search online for "home safe". What you'll get is a whole lot of big black cubes, with rough exteriors - or if you're really unlucky, flat grey steel.

By 2021, people should have figured out that technology doesn't have to be ugly. Mycube uses a sleek outer casing without any rough edges. The paintwork on Mycube is bold and glossy, whether in black, white, or graphite grey. In fact, Mycube is one of the only colorful home safes out there, with our famous aqua blue finish.


With a colorful home safe, or at least one with a sleek finish, there's no more need to hide your safe away like you're embarrassed by it. Mycube safes are built to be secure enough that you can put them anywhere you like. So why not make the most of it?

The most secure Mycube installation will involve securing it on the bottom and back. A Mycube will fit perfectly in any closet or shelving system if you make sure its back is to the wall - it will look as natural as any other kind of furnishing.

Since we make both Classic and Mini sizes of many of our safes, fitting them in isn't as difficult as it sounds. A small home safe can add interest to a shelf space without being too obtrusive.

Of course, you may still want to stick to being discreet. If you're into organization and clutter reduction, you have to make sure to look at our in-drawer Mycube options.

New York is a city noted for its sense of style, and Mycube has family roots here that go back for more than a century. We want to help you bring a little more of that sophisticated style into your living spaces. Feel happy and inspired when you access your safe, and keep your valuables safe, all at the same time.