Organization is something you often wish for at the last moment - when trying to find your passport for a flight, or searching desperately for heirloom jewelry before taking part in a milestone celebration. Organization isn't just about being neat - it's about having the important parts of your life where you need them when you need them. Mycube is all about smart organization, and this piece will give guidance on organization, and how Mycube products can keep your valuables in their rightful place.


"Everything in its rightful place." That's a maxim that we try to live by at Mycube - we want to help you secure and organize the most important things in your life. However, it's also a generally useful tip for keeping down your clutter! Essentially, this means that every item you add to your belongings should have a clearly defined home for it. And if you're really dedicated to the idea of organization, you'll want to try and keep "like with like".

This seems pretty simple at first. Shoes should go in your shoe closet. Keep types of kitchen items in the same cupboard. When you need the item, you'll know just where to find it. When it comes to valuables, however, we understand that this can get a little bit more complicated. Generally, you don't want valuables to be easily accessible, due to the threat of theft. But if you hide them away too well, then you'll be guaranteed a ton of scrambling and panicking when you need them.

Imagine having to dig through documents to find where you stashed your passport the morning of a trip. Or trying to find where that great hiding place for that heirloom jewelry was when you wanted to wear it to a family reunion. This is where a small home safe can be a lifesaver. A well-placed home digital safe will let you know exactly where your valuables are.

Better yet, a small home safe can let you put these valuables in an easily accessible and visible area, without compromising safety. Putting your valuables in an easy-to-reach spot is traditionally considered a bold move. However, with a Mycube, you can easily put your valuables in your home office, living room, or bedroom. Since Mycube brings the style along with the security, you'll be only adding to the aesthetics of these places with your home digital safe, not detracting from them.


Having a home for everything is great, but only if you actually take action on it. You can have the fanciest home digital safes, storage units, and closest racks, but they will all do you no good if nothing actually ends up in them!

A good start is to practice mindfulness when it comes to putting things down. Try to catch yourself - does this item have a home I should be putting it away in? Making access to your organizational tools is incredibly helpful here. That's why we mentioned how valuable it is to have a small home safe close at hand. Don't leave all your items and valuables on those counters and tabletops - find them a good home.


Making sure everything is in the right place is a good start. But you may eventually find that you just have no more room in your closets, drawers, and small home safes. At this point, you're going to have to have to make some decisions about what to keep and what to toss.

The process of decluttering is worth an article all on its own, and we don't want to steal Marie Kondo's thunder. A good place to start is to take an inventory of everything you own. This will give you a good idea of just how big your clutter issue is, but at the same time break it down into a manageable list. Then it's just a process of going down the list and finding the things that you can really do without.


So you've done your list, and thrown out what does not bring you joy, but you still have items left without a home. What do you do now? If you break it down, organization is simply a numbers game - the amount of space you need to the number of belongings you have. Subtracting belongings is just one side of the equation. If that's not working, you'll have to add more space.

It may be that a quick renovation of your living space to add more shelves, cabinets and other spaces is all that's needed. But you can also just do some clever reworking of the spaces you already have. A Mycube small home safe on your desk instantly gives you a place to put your most important documents, saving more space in your drawers.


When it comes to organization, you can always go deeper. You might have more space to store things than you realize, and just not know it. Think of the "junk drawer", found in kitchens and bedrooms across the nation. Just putting in some dividers into that drawer instantly starts to improve the efficiency of that space - and makes it easier to actually find what you're looking for.

Mycube is savvy about the importance of organizing your organizational spaces, which is why we provide in-safe trays in a variety of shapes, sizes. No matter what purpose your safe is serving, getting some of our trays will make the inside of your Mycube look as sleek and stylish as the outside.

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