Home Design With Safes: Where to Install Your Safe
Home Design With Safes: Where to Install Your Safe
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We don't often think of safes as a part of home decor in the same way as furniture or appliances. However, Mycube safes are elegant enough to play a role in home design - while also being compact enough to fit into any space. We'll go over some options for where to place your Mycube, including tips on installation.

What to Consider When Installing a Safe

No matter the kind of safe you are installing, from a stylish small jewelry safe to a secure hidden gun safe, there are a few things you need to carefully consider first. The main things to consider when installing a safe are security, style, and space.

Obviously, any safe is going to be designed to be secure, but where you put it will lead to different levels of security. A hidden jewelry safe for closets will be more secure than a small home safe on a bookcase. However, that small home safe on your bookshelf could make a very stylish addition to your home decor.

Of course, you will need to consider space as well. An in-drawer hidden jewelry safes are a great idea - unless you don't have a drawer that will fit it. In many cases, the safe installation will involve bolting the safe down (so someone doesn't just take the safe to crack at another location), so it's important to actually make sure that a safe will fit snugly somewhere before you start drilling.

Shelf Mounted Safes

A small home safe mounted on a shelf can be an incredibly stylish home accessory. This location will also make it generally easy to access - no need to go digging around in your closet or drawers. With the right shelving, this placement can look very discreet.

However, unless you have shelving in your closet, this kind of safe is going to be very noticeable, which may cut down on security. In order to bear the weight of the piece, you'll have to restrict only small home safes to your shelving units. Your shelving may also not be appropriate for the kinds of drilling needed for a safe.

Shelf Mounted Safes are the best choice for a small jewelry safe, or other small home safe, that holds valuable if not irreplaceable items. With its convenient location, you can quickly access these items when you need them.

Tabletop Safes

A tabletop safe may be among the most stylish ways to display a safe - putting a sleek safe on your desk in a study can add a lot of charm to a workspace. Keeping your small home safe on a tabletop is also the most convenient option, with the safe being easy to access.

However, convenience doesn't necessarily mean safety. A tabletop safe will be easy to notice and, given how difficult it can be to drill it into a table (which also prevents you from moving it when you need it), makes a tabletop safe easy to swipe.

A tabletop is best for a small home safe that you intend for more organizational purposes, keeping some valuable items in one place to prevent them from being lost. Since it can be at your desk, a tabletop safe is perfect for organizing documents you need to know will always be in the same place.

Wall Safes

Wall safes can be among the most secure home safes. Firstly, they're difficult to detect, making them the ideal setup for a hidden jewelry safe or a hidden gun safe. Even if someone does know where they are, it's very difficult to move them from their nook.

However, wall safes are also the most intensive and difficult when it comes to installation, requiring extensive renovations on your house. And if you ever want to move the piece, you'll be left with a big safe-shaped hole in your wall - and possibly in your heart. If you go the extra mile to hide them behind a painting or other piece of furniture, they become more difficult to access.

Wall safes can be a good choice for objects you absolutely need to protect, serving as a hidden jewelry safe for family heirlooms or priceless collectibles. They're also suitable for potentially dangerous items - such as if you need a hidden gun safe to keep firearms away from children.

Safes in Closet

Mounting a safe in your closet is a great way to merge convenience with security. A jewelry safe for closets lets you keep your most valuable jewelry safe, while still having it close at hand to the rest of your fashion accessories. The more out-of-the-way location is also suitable for a hidden gun safe - keeping firearms away from children, but still in your bedroom.

However, if you're interested in showing off your style, a jewelry safe for the closet probably isn't the best choice - most of us don't entertain our guests in a closet! And while it is somewhat secretive, it's still not as fully hidden as a dedicated wall or in-drawer safe can be.

A closet safe is good for items you might want to have access to in a bedroom, like jewelry, but not want to advertise that you have locked away. A jewelry safe for closets is a neat and discreet way to store your valuables.

In-Drawer Safes

Putting a safe into a drawer creates a neat little hiding spot for your valuables while letting your safe seamlessly blend into whichever setting you decide to use it in - whether at a work desk or in your closet. In-Drawer safes are among the most flexible for this reason.

In-Drawer safes can sometimes be a little more difficult to install, as you'll want to make sure that they fit. It's always best to make sure that you get a design that is custom-built for a desk space. (Thankfully, at Mycube, we've designed such a series of safes!)

How Do I Get Installing?

The exact process for installing a home safe will vary depending on where you want to put it. Mycube safes are thankfully very easy to install, just requiring some drilling to mount them. If you want more details, we have an extensive how-to section on our website. You'll have your safe installed and ready to use in no time.