2022 Must-Have Apartment Decor Items
2022 Must-Have Apartment Decor Items
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2021 is heading into the fall season, after which we'll be greeted by a whole new year. A new year is always a great opportunity to shake things up in your life. And this includes doing some redecoration of the apartments that more and more of us are turning into offices. Mycube has always been about mixing organization and style into one neat package. Apartment and home design were always on our minds when we were designing our small home safes. We wanted to make the best safe for apartment owners, that wouldn't clash with what they already owned. Point being, we've always approached our products from the headspace of interior design. This means we always like to keep our finger on the pulse of what is chic - it's hard not to have a mind for style from a New York base! With that in mind, we've made a list of trends for the trendy. Here's what we think are going to be some important components of any stylish apartment in the new year. It's a bit of a cliche to try to link the pandemic into everything, but it's undeniable that it's having a slow but steady effect on shifting considerations in design at home. More and more, the living and working spaces are starting to blur together - for better and for worse. You should expect a greater desire for organization, as well as a renewed appreciation for nature and the outdoors. Still, enough with the interior theorizing, and on to the interior decor!


Let there be light! As we go into the darker months of the year, getting some light into our living spaces is going to be ever more important. A well-placed lamp can help beat the winter blues and recontextualize a space. But the real trend in lighting this year is going to be flexibility. Expect to see a lot of multiple lamps in a single room, of various brightness. Large floor lamps can light up a whole room, but a cute bedside or desktop lamp will provide a cozy atmosphere for evenings.


Just when we were starting to get outside and enjoy the greenery again, it looks like its all going to be snatched away by the onset of winter - unless you make some decisive decor decisions, that is Nothing livens up a space quite like some house plants. More and more companies are focusing on selling houseplants to apartment owners, and with good reason. Like decorative lamps, house plants are crazy flexible. Small plants for your desk, towering canes for a room corner, or even hanging baskets for balconies - the limit is only your imagination (and your green thumb).


Maybe not a decor item, per se, but we'd be remiss to not cover the comeback of wallpaper. A love of minimalism has led many of us to assume that the only way our walls should look is some variation of white - that they're a canvas on which to hang pictures and shelves, nothing more. However, there has been some upending of this idea with the return of wallpaper and even murals to many spaces. Just what this will mean for the future of decor is still uncertain, but don't be afraid to put paper to wall (just be careful you don't paper over any hidden home safes you forgot about!).


Whenever autumn or winter starts to arrive, there's a growing desire for some of that most valuable of resources - coziness. There are a lot of ways to obtain this valuable commodity through home decor. More usage of quilts and blankets is one thing, but don't be shocked to see pillows turn up as well. One interesting trend in this regard is a greater demand for organic and natural fabrics over the synthetic kind. This probably has some connection to the aforementioned return of plants into our living spaces, and a desire to reconnect with the greater environment.


As more people start to work from home in the coming year, it's going to be super important to be able to mix style, space-saving, and organization together. Our homes are going to have to pull double duty as living space and workspace. Mix-ups and mash-ups of working spaces, like these floating wall-mounted desks, should be expected. They bring a lot of organizational energy for a minimal expenditure of space. They also can be part of larger shelving units - great places to store a small home safe.


The space-saving doesn't need to be relegated to the office. While we may not see Murphy Beds returning to all apartment bedrooms, they are an excellent choice for studio spaces. However, the real reason to pick up a Murphy Bed in 2022 is for room flexibility - you can instantly turn a home office space into a guest room with this simple installation.


Just like Murphy Beds will allow you to readapt your home for the guests you've been wanting to have over, expanding tables allow you to change up your kitchen set up whenever you like. You can keep the table small and out of the way for regular days, but transform it into “hosting mode” when you're ready to share meals and drinks with friends.


As you can tell, a big theme for 2022 is going to be trying to find the balance between practical organization and sleek style, with an extra bit of focus on flexibility. Normally, home safes are heavy on the organization part but tend to fail miserably at the style. Why do you think so many people have traditionally opted for hidden home safes? Trust us - there's not going to be any fashion season where big beige blocks suddenly become a must-have.

Mycube home safes could be said to be the perfect 2022 home decor item. When it comes to organization, there's no better method than a safe to make sure you know exactly where your most valuable items are at any given moment.

When it comes to flexibility, Mycube home safes excel as well. Want a larger apartment gun safe for extra security? Want a small home safe for jewelry or documents? Want to mount a safe on a shelf or a hidden home safe in a drawer? Whatever your decor dreams are, Mycube accommodates.

And finally, we can't miss out on the style. There's no ugly steel or plastic here. All Mycube safes are painted in a sleek designer finish. No matter the style of the rest of your apartment, a Mycube safe ranks along with finishing touches like plants and lamps as a great way to round off a desk or shelf space. If you're looking for the best safe for apartments - look no further, you've found it.