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MyCube Appears on CBS After CES Las Vegas

"Imagine a Mini Fort Knox designed by Steve Jobs. That’s MyCube." -

"Orange Crush - MyCube: If you’ve invested a small fortune in your college student’s electronic devices then you MUST send them off to the dorms with MyCube - an A+ a solution to safety, storage and style." - Megan Meany

"Keep your gadgets jack-proof and juiced - Colorful, microwave-sized, and boltable to the floor or wall, MyCubes are digital-lock safes with enough space to stash several laptops, tablets & various valuables, and interior power outlets to power them, so preventing hooligans from running off with 'em doesn't mean they'll run out of juice." - Thrillist

MyCube Launches in Fall 2012

October 15, 2012

MyCube is the first product introduction from a company dedicated to reinventing the idea of safekeeping for the 21st Century.

MyCube is specifically designed to charge electronic devices (laptops, smart phones, iPads, etc.) while keeping them safe. Of course, it’s also just the right size for jewelry, passports, and valuable papers. All accomplished with great color and style!

Scott Annan and Lois Krasilovsky are a mother and son team in a family where safekeeping is a family tradition. Lois's father was the owner of one of the oldest safe companies in America, which has been in the family's hands since 1904 and is still in business today. Both Lois and Scott are proud of the family business where serious craftsmanship and a commitment to service have made them the providers of vaults and safes for the likes of Harry Winston, Tiffany, Cartier and many of American’s top jewelers.

While away at college, Scott noticed a new category of valuables that had never been taken into consideration in his family’s decades of safekeeping. He and his roommates had thousands of dollars worth of electronics left in their rooms while at class or on the field. And Lois, one of New England’s top real estate agents, was especially attuned to the issues of homemakers as they dealt with style, décor and space. She had long felt a need to bring a fresher, more modern, and consumer-friendly face to the venerable world of security. Together, they hit on a new vein in privacy, security, and safekeeping needs. MyCube, the first product in that line, was born.

MyCube is launching Fall 2012 with a campaign in Wired Magazine and placement in the Wired Pop-up store.