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What is MyCube made of?

MyCube is made of 1⁄8” thick steel.

How do I open the door when I take MyCube out of the box?

Each MyCube door is secured by two fabric strips to prevent the door from opening during shipping and when being taken out of the box. If the door doesn't open readily, just give it a pull using the lip underneath the keypad and the door will open. 

How does the internal outlet work?

Each MyCube comes with a power cord outside the safe that can be plugged into any electrical outlet. Electronics may then be plugged into the single internal outlet and charged inside the safe. The power cord has no bearing on the digital lock, so in the case of a power outage, the digital keypad will continue to function normally – as long as the batteries have charge.

How do I open MyCube if the batteries in the digital keypad run out?

MyCube comes with a manual override key that can be used to open the safe if the batteries need to be replaced.

What is the purpose of the USB port on the side of the keypad?

The USB port is designed to be used for hotel and commercial property use. There is no function for stand alone MyCube safes.

How do I secure MyCube?

MyCube comes with a self-installation bolt kit that works with most small power drills. There are four holes on both the bottom and back of all MyCube safes where you may fasten MyCube to the surface of your choice.

What is MyCube best used for?

Apartment buildings, homes, hotels, offices, and dormitories. MyCube is best suited to protect valuables, keep electronic devices secure and charged, and keep honest people honest.

Does the MyCube Mini have an internal charging outlet?

The Mini does not have an outlet as we wanted to make a product that could fit in smaller spaces and for customers who don’t have the need to charge electronic devices.

Does the standard MyCube safe have a fire rating?

There is no fire rating on the MyCube or MyCube mini safes. The MyCube fire safe has one hour fire protection.

What happens if I lose my manual key?

We do not provide backup keys for any of our safes for security purposes.

How long do the batteries in the keypad last?

The batteries typically last 14-16 months, but we recommend replacing the batteries every 12 months just to be safe.

What is the size of the allen wrench?

The size of the allen wrench is 3mm.